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    Mission: : Based on the quality and trust logo. We offer a wide range of products consisting of high quality products at the best possible prices, and strive to provide high
    Telephone: +90 212 479 07 00 Address: Adnan Kahveci Mah. Davutpaşa Cad. No: 17/1, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • metal sheets, sheets, cold rolled metal sheets, cold rolled sheets, hrp metal sheets, galvanized metal sheets, hrp sheets, galvanized sheets, aluminium coated metal sheets, aluminium coated sheets, aluminum coated metal sheets, aluminum coated sheets, black metal sheets, painted sheets, painted metal sheets, dkp, hrp, npi, npu, siliceous metal sheets, satin finish metal sheets, stainless steel metal sheets, stainless steel sheets, tinned sheets, tinplates, hrp siliceous metal sheets, alusi metal sheets, aluminized metal sheets, metal sheet, sheet, cold rolled metal sheet, cold rolled sheet, hrp metal sheet, galvanized metal sheet, hrp sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminium coated metal sheet, aluminium coated sheet, aluminum coated metal sheet, aluminum coated sheet, black metal sheet, painted sheet, painted metal sheet, siliceous metal sheet, satin finish metal sheet, stainless steel metal sheet, stainless steel sheet, tinned sheet, tinplate, hrp siliceous metal sheet, alusi metal sheet, aluminized metal sheet
    We are ready to be your solution partner in flat sheet slitting. As a result of our long experience in metal sector, we are continuing our way in the sector for correct supply,
    Telephone: +90 262 658 19 58 Address: Şekerpınar Mah., Fevzi Çakmak Cad., Marmara Gıda Sanayi Sitesi, Başak Sokak, No: 18/B, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • aluminum, handling line, die heater, log heat furnace, quench, die, hot shear, puller, stretcher, ageing oven, extrusion press, log, log loading system, billet, die ring, anodizing plant, scrap balling press, homogenizing oven, commissioning, installation, production, aluminum extrusion, hot saw, finish saw, conveyors, pullers, hot cutting saws, finish cutting saws, die oven, thermic ovens, conveyor, puller, hot cutting saw, finish cutting saw, die ovens, thermic oven, cutting saws, extrusions,
    As Aleksen we manufacture and supply aluminum, handling line, die heater, log heat furnace, quench, die, hot shear, puller, stretcher, ageing oven, extrusion press, log, log
    Telephone: +90 5057974088 Address: Acıdere OSB Mah., Zafer Cad., 9A Merkez Köyü, Merkez Bucağı, Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey
  • Aluminum Composite Panel, Facade, wall cladding, signage, interior, exterior, ACM panel, building material, exterior cladding, architectural interior, architectural structures, wall panel, lightweight cladding, Advertising signage, Traffic signage, Building Fascia, Facade finishes, internal wall finishes, Balconies, Partition and ceiling panels, Elevators and Kiosk Panels, showroom finishes, Shop sign boards, composite panel, aluminum panel, PVDF panel
    Alpil Aluminum Composite is a Celaloğlu Mining & recycling plastic subdisary institution. Celaloğlu Plastic Company is one of the biggest plastic recylcling facilities in Turkey.
    Telephone: 03224411433 Address: sarıhamzalı mah , 47083 sk , No:7/B, syhan / Adana
  • aluminum profiles, aluminum joinery profiles, aluminum joinery components, aluminum profile, aluminum door frames, aluminum processing machinery, aluminum handrail components, aluminum handrail profiles, aluminum sheets, aluminum baseboard, packaging and tapes, step profiles, dilatation profiles, glass door accessories, glass materials, wicks, carpet finishing profiles, hardware, hand tools, door top hydraulics, door handles, window handles
    Established in 2002 by Serdar and Sedat KURU the company sales aluminium profile and accessories. We never put the products on our web site that we cannot provide or do not exist
    Telephone: +90 212 423 07 77 Address: Fatih San. Sit. D 1 B Blok No: 1 Esenyurt - İstanbul Turkey
  • acp, aluminum panel, aluminum roll, anodized aluminum, metal reflector, mirror finish aluminum
    Anometal aluminium Co., Ltd. specializes in the coil anodized aluminum products. As the leading supplier in Asia-pacific region, Anometal® sets up a full product range to satisfy
    Telephone: 86-21-36162007 Address: 258 Zhenyuan Rd., Baoshan Urban Industry Park, Shanghai 200444 China email is rocky.wu at anometal dot com
  • digital printing, foil, boxes of letters, totems, pion signage, aluminum dekupe, boxes of letters, road signs, exhibition stands, stretching vinyl siding, tool coating, finish building the roof, tabal domestic outdoor printing, digital election candidates batch, identification advertising
    digital printing, foil, boxes of letters, totems, pion signage, and aluminum dekupe, boxes of letters, road signs, exhibition stands, stretching vinyl siding, tool coating finish
    Telephone: 0332-3426721 Address: F.Çakmak Mh. 10567. Sk. No:43 Konya, Turkey
  • construction materials, decorative construction materials, floorings, wallpapers, laminate floorings, carpets, ceiling materials, construction consumable materials, decorative carpets, artificial turfs, hotel carpets, kids carpets, mosque carpets, mats, underlays, aluminium profiles, aluminum profiles, adhesives, skirtings, equipments, plinths, hall rugs, mattresses, capronics, polotherms, staircase profiles, parquet profiles, carpet finishing profiles, closure sheet profiles, level profiles
    Decovision Construction, a Gaziantep based company, gives services of laminated flooring, wall to wall carpeting and various types of products especially to Southestern of Turkey
    Telephone: +90 342 371 72 72 Address: Osmangazi Mah., A. Kadir Aksu Bulvarı, No: 200/A, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • garden tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, iron casting, aluminum casting, clamping tools, cutting tools, hammers, fastening and fixing tools, measuring and layout tools, painting tools, pliers, shaping and finishing tools, spanners, wrenches, sockets, striking tools, plastering and tiling tools
    Hangzhou Amethyst Trade Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise established in 2007. It gathers researching,development,production and sales as a whole entity,which can supplying
    Telephone: 86 571 22866033 Address: 3Floor,E8 Xinxi Wenchuangyuan,No.42 Xianghu Road,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China
  • plastic profiles, pvc profiles, aluminium profiles, aluminum profiles, ceramic profiles, furniture profiles, pvc ceramic profile systems, aluminium ceramic profile systems, aluminum ceramic profile systems, ceramic pvc profile systems, ceramic aluminum profile systems, joint profiles, bath profiles, stair treads, baseboard profiles, angle views, insulation profiles, parker transition profiles, corner profiles, shower drain, shower drains, edge finishing profiles
    SAY PLASTIC AND PROFILE SYSTEMS started in 1999, the production activities, the same year it registered its SAY brand, so ceramic PVC and aluminum profiles manufacturing,
    Telephone: +90 212 771 00 01 - +90 212 483 29 11 Address: Ömerli Mah., 75. Yıl Cad., No: 10/3, Hadımköy, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • aluminum, aluminum edging profiles, aluminum threshold profile, angle bar, ceramics, corner profiles, corner protection profiles, details, finishing profiles, granite tiles, plastic tile strips, profile, profiles, profiles for ceramic border, profiles switching tiles, pvc profiles, right-angled, screw hidden wide, tiles, tiles in the inner corner, tiles profile outer corner
    Telephone: 0(312) 311 5928  Address: Rüzgarlı Fuat Börekçi Cad. Tokur Han 9/22 Ulus Ankara, Turkey
  • aluminum zipper, anti-brass zipper, bag zipper, brass zipper, closed end zipper, copper zipper, derlin zipper, diamond zipper, fashion zipper, finished zipper, garment zipper, invisible zipper, long chain zipper, metal zipper, nylon zipper, open end zipper, plastic moulded zipper, plastic zipper, polyester zipper, resin zipper, reversed zipper, two way zipper, waterproof zipper, zipper, zipper and slider, zipper chain, zipper head, zipper puller, zipper slider
    Zipsan Zipper which was founded in 1977,has always anchored in its sector driven by the power of expertise and modern technology.By evaulating the balance of supply and demand in
    Telephone: +90 - 212 - 544 55 41 ( Pbx ) Address: Numunebag Cd . Ozfiliz Sk . Oz Ishanı B Blok - K : 3/301 Bayrampasa Istanbul, Turkey
  • aluminum, corner cleaning, cutting, doors, finishing, indentation, machine, machinery, metal, milling, plastic, pvc, steel, welding, windows
    Telephone: +90 224 470 00 27 Address: İzmir Yolu 22.Km No 21 Nilüfer / Bursa / Turkey
  • aluminium wheel finishing, melting, holding, pouring, iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum
    Telephone: (90)(216) 346 98 78 Address: KAZASKER SOK.12/3 KADIKÖY
  • end-mill, end mill, general usage end mill, micro end mill, end mills, ball nose end mill, micro corner radius end mill, endmill, finishing endmill, general endmill, drill bits, hardware, drill bit, aluminium endmill, aluminum endmill, aluminium end mill
    After the development plans put into practice in 1960s, as a result of industrialization and transition to global economy, Turkey began to show an accelerated growth in machining
    Telephone: +90 222 228 10 40 Address: Tornacılar Ve Oto Tamirciler Sitesi R Blok No:5 26110 Teksan/ Eskişehir/ Turkey
  • Surface Treatment Machines, Dish And Centrifugal Machines, Tunnel Dryer, Finishing Materials, Deburring, Polishing Stone Chemicals, Blasting Materials, Aluminum Oxide, Glass Beads, Stainless Steel Balls, Garnet Sand, Blasting Machines, Blasting Cabins, Sandblasting Boilers, Surface Treatment, Blasting Supplies, Sandblasting Nozzles, Boiler Fittings, Masks, Coating Systems, Painting Rooms, Paint Pumps, Spray Guns Accessories, Marble Blasting Machines, Continuous Belt Machines
    Telephone: 90232 4721313 Address: 4. Sanayi Sitesi 129/16 Sok. No: 23 Bornova İZMİR/TURKEY
  • gear, bushed gear, conical gear, rack gear, special manufacturing gear, standard gear, triger gear, chain, asa series chain, bs series chain, finisher chain, flyer chain, pin outstanding chain, pins perforated chain, rotary chain, coupling, aluminum couplings, footed couplings, steel coupling, elastic coupling, hrc couplings, kc kaplins, pitted couplings, rk kaplinsler, spring coupling, star couplings, pulley, horizontal pulley, v pulley, conic zodiac, roller bearing
    Telephone: (90)(312) 354 94 00 Address: AHİ EVRAN CAD.NO:23/1 YENİMAHALLE
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